Getting your teen to talk with you

Learn about: Getting your teen to talk with you from Marushka Mujic,...
Getting your teen to talk with you | Kids in the House
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Getting your teen to talk with you

When a teenager approaches the initial stages of adolescense, many parents experience shock and confusion at a teen's pulling away. This is a very normal and absolutely healthy part of adolescence. Though it is very important that a teenager feels able to share any concerns and dilemas along the way. The idea of having a preliminary conversation with your teenager occurs usually around the beginning of the adolescent maturation process, usually about 13 to 14 years old. This means sitting down with your child in a very neutral setting like the livingroom and just allowing your child to know that during any upcoming strive or challenges, that you are there and open for them as a beacon of light through any dark tunnel or time that they may face.

Learn about: Getting your teen to talk with you from Marushka Mujic,...


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Marushka Mujic

Global Youth Ambassador

Marushka Mujic is a creative artist, activist, social entrepreneur and global youth ambassador. After beginning secondary education at NYU, Marushka returned to her hometown of Los Angeles and founded the GoodMakers Street Team (youth division of parent nonprofit GoodMakers Films), empowering young artists, athletes and activists to facilitate local community initiatives, thereby inspiring global change. With a background in theatre, music and journalism, Marushka leads various creative initiatives worldwide, ranging from documentary films to arts festivals. Her multi-faceted work aims to focus modern media toward facilitation of global, intergenerational communication.

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