Teaching teens to be financially responsible

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Teaching teens to be financially responsible

Most parents are unaware of how overwhelming finances are for teenagers. Particularly, because most teenagers see their parents struggle with finances; which can perpetuate a pattern of feeling ungrounded and feeling shaky in the world. Finances are a big part of a child's budding independence, that they feel that have a sense of self-sufficiency and confidence. The best way to allow a child to start learning about finances is, at whatever age you feel most appropriate, to give them a monthly budget. Remind them that they need to pay for their school lunches, and any activities that they feel they want to do with their friends on the weekend; or material objects that they would like to purchase. Be present and give them guidance in how they choose to spend the money, but also allow them to propose what they think is best. Remind them that you will be there to help them throughout the learning process; but also remind them that, as in the real world, they will need to take responsibility for the choices that they make with their own finances.

View Marushka Mujic's video on Teaching teens to be financially responsible...


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Marushka Mujic

Global Youth Ambassador

Marushka Mujic is a creative artist, activist, social entrepreneur and global youth ambassador. After beginning secondary education at NYU, Marushka returned to her hometown of Los Angeles and founded the GoodMakers Street Team (youth division of parent nonprofit GoodMakers Films), empowering young artists, athletes and activists to facilitate local community initiatives, thereby inspiring global change. With a background in theatre, music and journalism, Marushka leads various creative initiatives worldwide, ranging from documentary films to arts festivals. Her multi-faceted work aims to focus modern media toward facilitation of global, intergenerational communication.

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