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Meet Natalie Fischer

My name is Natalie Fischer. I am a working parent of two, constantly in search of the elusive balance. I have two girls, Leah, who is 3.5, loves life and is a free spirit, always smiling, and an 8 month old Maya, who is charming and silly already. My girls really bring out the absolute best in me more than I could have ever imagined before I had kids. I work full time plus in the film industry and I struggle to balance that big job with being the parent I want to be for my girls.
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See Natalie Fischer's video on Meet Natalie Fischer...


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Natalie Fischer

Working Mom

Natalie Fischer is the proud mother to Leah and Maya. Originally from Philadelphia, Natalie moved to Los Angeles in 2004 after attending Harvard Business School. Natalie balances home and work as the COO of Illumination Entertainment, an animation production company based in Santa Monica, California.

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