Disciplining your toddler

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Disciplining your toddler

I really believe that setting limits and providing appropriate choices is the key to toddler discipline. Toddlers really need to feel in control of some part, and choices are a really important part of that. The key is to make them appropriate choices. You need to ask your toddler if she wants to have a bath before or after dinner, not do you want to take a bath unless you are truly prepared for your toddler not to take a bath. It´s also really important to offer logical consequences for misbehavior. Logical consequences are much easier for a toddler to understand. So you say to your toddler if you can´t be a helper at bedtime, then we won´t have any time to read books. It´s much better than if you won´t get into your pajamas right now, you are going to go straight to bed with no books. At the end of the day, you just need to be consistent. Consistency is key with kids.

Watch Video: Disciplining your toddler by Natalie Fischer, ...


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Natalie Fischer is the proud mother to Leah and Maya. Originally from Philadelphia, Natalie moved to Los Angeles in 2004 after attending Harvard Business School. Natalie balances home and work as the COO of Illumination Entertainment, an animation production company based in Santa Monica, California.

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