Items needed for newborn

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Items needed for newborn


You don´t really need much of anything to bring the baby. There is lots of really fun things that you can buy but the baby will only need a few things. Baby clothes, something simple is really all that is needed. Prewashed for sure but a kimono shirt is the best thing to help you take care of the baby´s cord, which can be tough for new parents. Swaddling blankets are a must have. Aden and Anaise makes beautiful muslin blankets. When your baby is a little bigger, the miracle blanket is truly a miracle for helping your baby sleep. Burp clothes were really important for us because we had spitty babies and you do not need anything fancy. Cloth diapers work really well. You should have bottles if you are choosing to use bottles. And pacifiers if you choose to use pacifiers. I always recommend having some in the house in the case you change your mind in the middle of the night and need a pacifier. You don´t need a crib for your baby. If you choose, you can have a bassinet or a cosleeper. And the most important thing of course is to have a camera charged when you get home.

See Natalie Fischer's video on Items needed for newborn...


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