Sterilizing baby bottles

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Sterilizing baby bottles

I was taught a really time-saving tip for sterilizing baby bottles. We keep a bowl of warm, soapy water, either in the sink or right next to the sink; so right after baby eats, you can take the bottle apart and soak all of the parts in warm water. That way, you can wait until there are five or six bottles to wash before you get in there and wash all the bottles. It's important that you wash each individual part with hot water, and you should invest in a good bottle brush, which is no more than two or three dollars. A good bottle brush has a piece specifically for cleaning the nipple, which is the most important part. A microwave sterilizer is a really easy way to sterilize the bottles. We love our Dr. Brown's microwave sterilizer. Then a good bottle drying rack is a great way to keep your parts clean and organized and easily accessible.

Watch Natalie Fischer's video on Sterilizing baby bottles...


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Natalie Fischer is the proud mother to Leah and Maya. Originally from Philadelphia, Natalie moved to Los Angeles in 2004 after attending Harvard Business School. Natalie balances home and work as the COO of Illumination Entertainment, an animation production company based in Santa Monica, California.

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