The best apps for dads

Adrian Kulp, Author & Blogger, shares advice for other stay-at-home dads on which phone apps he uses that help him the most in his role as a dad
Parenting Tips | The Best Apps For Dads
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The best apps for dads

What are some of the best apps for dad's that I have on my phone? You know there is probably one or two you know Little Brother 1from a selfish standpoint it is worth a friend which I find myself in a fishing rod line having away 15 minutes to pick my daughter up. I can always scroll over that and keep myself occupied or I have one of the kids sleeping in my arm and I cannot really move and so sitting there and staring at the ceiling I can give that a few minutes. Instagram is another one for even the most amateur photographer. It will allow you to kind a add filters and really create some arty pictures of your kid to share on your social networks of your family. There is a few that really do help me obviously like things like Yelp if I am in the neighborhood that I unfamiliar with where I can find local restaurants and playgrounds and stuff like that and to that end, there is also called another called Playgrounds. I believe it is a Disney app but allows you to locate playgrounds near your current location and there is a system there that you can add photos and a rating system. I know that I have been very disappointed on occasion doing gas checks somewhere else to go like kids do playground and there is really 1 slide and 1 swing and there are 50 kids there and it just does not work out. Another app that my wife use a lot was a Breastfeeding app when my daughter was really young and while it help her keep track of feeding times and which side so on and so fort. It also really helps both of us when it came to napping times and when they went to the bathroom during course of a busy day it was really nice to be able to go back and reference those times to make sure that you kept on track

Adrian Kulp, Author & Blogger, shares advice for other stay-at-home dads on which phone apps he uses that help him the most in his role as a dad


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Adrian Kulp

Author & Blogger of Dad or Alive

Adrian Kulp is a stay-at-home dad for three kids under the age of 7.  His popular blog, ‘Dad or Alive’ helped him procure a deal at Penguin Publishing, titled Dad or Alive: Confessions of an Unexpected Stay-at-home Dad.  He also writes for The Huffington Post and is preparing a comedic lecture based on his transition into fatherhood. Adrian is a former TV executive both for Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison and Chelsea Handler’s Borderline Amazing Productions, as well as the comic booker for ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ on CBS. Adrian's feature article 'Breaking Binky' was recently published in the February 2017 issue of Parents Magazine. This spring, he was nominated for a Shorty Award in Parenting, as well as an IRIS Award for 'Dad Blog of the Year' at the annual Mom 2.0 Summit held in Orlando.

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