Tips for disciplining triplets

Julie Gillespie, Author & Triplet Mom, shares advice for parents of triplets on how to effectively discipline and impose a consequence tailored to what each child values
Parenting Multiples | Tips For Disciplining Triplets
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Tips for disciplining triplets

Some tips for disciplining triplets is, first of all, stay calm. It's very difficult when I turn around and all of my kids are covered in sharpie marker because one of my kids grabbed it and they are laughing at me. Number two, impose a consequence that they will value. For example, my daughter doesn't care about video games, but if I take the Wii away from one of my little boys, it's like his whole world fell apart. Third thing is, at the end of the day, make sure you have given them just as much positive feedback as negative feedback. Sum it up at the end of the day. You can say, "I really like the way you shared with your brother and gave him some of your gummy bears." Number four, lead by example. If you don't want your kids to say bad words, then you can't say them. We have a dime jar. We used to have a quarter jar for my 19 year old, but you know the recession. It's a dime jar now. Three of them, one for each child. If they say a swear word, I take a dime out. If I say a swear word, I have to put a dime in. You have to be accountable.

Julie Gillespie, Author & Triplet Mom, shares advice for parents of triplets on how to effectively discipline and impose a consequence tailored to what each child values


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Julie Gillespie

Author & Triplet Mom

Julie Gillespie, DPT, a mother of multiples, physical therapist, teacher and writer, is a graduate of Mt. St. Mary's College and the University of Southern California.    A leader in pelvic floor therapy for over 30 years, she now works at Gillespie Physical Therapy in Los Angeles. Find out more at Her customized treatment plans can relieve a variety of urinary, bowel and sexual conditions including dyspareunia, coccydynia, testiculitis, vulvodynia, and vaginismus. With a specialty in identifying and treating pelvic floor disorders, Julie has worked with hundreds of patients throughout the Los Angeles area to achieve optimal core fitness. Overall wellness is Julie’s goal for all patients, and Julie believes in an integrated approach to physical therapy. She supports a combination of therapeutic studio and pool exercises, manual trigger point release therapy, biofeedback, dilator therapy, postural stabilization, meditation, yoga, Pilates and behavioral retraining, all with the goal of relieving pain and improving each patient’s emotional, physical and sexual wellbeing.  Julie works with women whose inner core has been detrimentally affected by the stages of menstruation, maternity, postpartum and menopause. She also treats women who have been subject to sexual trauma or assault, to help them regain sensitivity, strength and comfort. For women or men in rehabilitation and recovery from pelvic floor injuries or surgeries, Julie helps strengthen the inner core muscles that have been compromised. Julie also works with athletes, developing treatment plans to manage the impact of up-training, down-training, and injury. She has helped countless elite athletes and cyclists with pelvic floor therapy for injury and repetitive use.  Julie earned her Masters and Doctorate in Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California, and her Physical Therapy degree from Mount Saint Mary’s College. Julie has owned and/or managed several ob/gyn, continence and women’s healthcare groups in California, including the Women’s Health Program at USC.   Julie has taught Women’s Health in the physical therapy programs at Mt. St. Mary’s College, Northridge and Loma Linda. In 2019, Julie was invited to Shenzhen, China to lecture on pelvic floor conditions and sexual dysfunctions. She has been recognized for her pelvic floor research with an award  from the American Physical Therapy Association. On a personal note, Julie is the mother of triplets and two singletons, and enjoys hiking, running, skiing and quilting. She is the author of Magical Multiple Moments.

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