Best advice for working moms

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Best advice for working moms

Alisa Donner: My advice for a working mother is to not be hard on yourself. And to accept that you are a working mother. It’s tough to go back to work. Sometimes it feels easy, for a moment. But it’s tough to go back to work. So prepare yourself for it as much as you can. Have people you can talk to about it. Beforehand, plan. And then find good people, of course, you need to find good people to be taking care of your baby when you leave. So that you’re rest assured that you made the best decisions possible and you’ve surrounded your baby with who you feel they need to be with. That could be the next best thing to you. And then go to work and let it go. And be present while you’re at work. Do what you need to do there, put your full self into it. And then, the most important thing, on the way home, let it go. When you walk back into that door, you are 100% there for your family. Leave work at work. And you can’t really leave home at home, but if you’re at work, and they need you at home, you take a deep breath; you toggle into it and be as present as you can. When you’re at home, my advice is never be at work. Stay home, be there, give yourself that rest pit. Allow yourself to be a full time mom whenever you’re at home.

Watch Video: Best advice for working moms by Alisa Donner, LCSW, ...


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Alisa Donner, LCSW

Co-founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month

Alisa Donner is the co-founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM) with Anna Getty. The mission of PAM is to empower, inspire and build a community of support for expectant women and families. The four initiatives of the month-long campaign are Education, Exercise, Nutrition & Wellness, and Nurture. Alisa is also a licensed clinical social worker.

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