The four initiatives of PAM

Learn about: The four initiatives of PAM from Alisa Donner, LCSW,...
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The four initiatives of PAM

Alisa Donner: We have 4 initiatives for Pregnancy Awareness Month. And they’re Education, Exercise, Nutrition and Wellness and Nurture. And the reason why we grouped these 4 initiatives or topics is because we believe they’re really important for everyone who’s pregnant and newly parenting to consider and think about. Education is about educate yourself. And that’s how we lead the month of May. And Educate is about learn as much as you can because you need to keep learning as a mother. You’ll never stop learning coz you will have to teach. And then there’s also the next week, it’s Exercise. It’s about the importance of movement. It’s important for you while you’re pregnant to be graceful, to be able to come into your body that’s shifting and growing, and also to keep your stamina up for your labor. Then there’s also the third week which is Nutrition and Wellness. That’s about eating well, being healthy. Thinking about how to not only keep your growing baby healthy but you healthy as well, as a vessel. And of course we always say that the best way to do that is with organic food. And our last week, we focus on nurture. And it’s not about nurture the baby, everyone will nurture the baby. People down the street will nurture your baby when they see your baby. It’s about nurturing yourself. And getting into the habit of self care.

Learn about: The four initiatives of PAM from Alisa Donner, LCSW,...


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Alisa Donner, LCSW

Co-founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month

Alisa Donner is the co-founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM) with Anna Getty. The mission of PAM is to empower, inspire and build a community of support for expectant women and families. The four initiatives of the month-long campaign are Education, Exercise, Nutrition & Wellness, and Nurture. Alisa is also a licensed clinical social worker.

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