What is PAM (Pregnancy Awareness Month)?

See Alisa Donner, LCSW's video on What is PAM (Pregnancy Awareness Month)?...
What is PAM (Pregnancy Awareness Month)? | Kids in the House
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What is PAM (Pregnancy Awareness Month)?

Alisa Donner: What is PAM? What is Pregnancy Awareness Month? PAM is a nickname for Pregnancy Awareness Month. We’ve personified her and call her PAM. But Pregnancy Awareness Month is a community. It’s a support system both online and in neighborhoods and communities across the country. So with Pregnancy Awareness Month, we have an online community and we provide information and then we have a forum for conversation. We also do live events across the country. So we have our signature van in Los Angeles every year, we’re going on to our 6th year. And we also have and encouraged other communities across the country to have events as well. Whatever that may be. May be a tea party, it may be a potluck or it might be another big pregnancy boutiques event.

See Alisa Donner, LCSW's video on What is PAM (Pregnancy Awareness Month)?...


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Alisa Donner, LCSW

Co-founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month

Alisa Donner is the co-founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM) with Anna Getty. The mission of PAM is to empower, inspire and build a community of support for expectant women and families. The four initiatives of the month-long campaign are Education, Exercise, Nutrition & Wellness, and Nurture. Alisa is also a licensed clinical social worker.

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