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Pregnancy and Fitness

Pregnancy Workouts

Whether you were a couch potato or an elite athlete before your pregnancy, there are many reasons and ways to fit exercise into your routine now that you are expecting a baby.  Exercise can help fight fatigue, manage hormones, and, of course, promote long-term health for both you and baby!

Is Exercise Safe During Pregnancy?

The short answer is yes! Exercise is safe during pregnancy. However, the types or amounts of exercise that is safe during pregnancies vary depending on your activity level prior to pregnancy or risk factors with your pregnancy.
“The first thing you need to do is talk to your doctor,” says personal trainer Tom Williams, “There are considerations. Your body will change. Talk to your physician and make sure they give you the thumbs up to exercise. 99 percent of the time, they will.”
After you get the thumbs up, you can return to your usual exercise routine.
“The general rule of thumb is anything you were doing before,” says Tom Williams, “If you were running before, you can go running. If you haven’t been ... Read more

Nutritionist Del Millers, PhD, discusses the safety of vegetarian diets during pregnancy and recommends supplements for pregnant vegetarians.
As the Co-Founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month, Alisa Donner, LCSW, shares amazing advice for pregnant women on the importance of slowing down the pace, focusing on... read more
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You may not have the energy to jump off the couch or willpower to tie your shoes, but
Barbara Moore, PhD, President, Shape Up America, explains how both baby and mother are negatively affected when the mother is overweight during pregnancy, including risk... read more
As an author and nutritionist, Del Millers, PhD helps women understand what exercise practices are safe for pregnant women and what high risk activities should be... read more
Do you know the best exercises to do during pregnancy to prepare your body for labor and child birth? Expert nutritionist Del Millers, PhD gives women great examples of... read more
Some women love being pregnant. At least that’s what they say. read more
Do you find that you look pregnant (even when you're not anymore or never were)?  Do you have back pain? read more
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You take your prenatal vitamins, do pregnancy yoga, and try and eat a variety of healthy foods (providing your morning sickness will allow you to eat something besides... read more
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To achieve a safe pregnancy for yourself and your baby, it’s beneficial to eat well while you are expecting. read more
Do you know how to avoid certain toxins in food while pregnant and which toxins are important to refrain from consuming? Nutritionist Del Millers, PhD shares everything... read more
Maintaining a healthy pregnancy diet while eating out at restaurants might be difficult. Nutritionist Del Millers, PhD, offers suggestions for healthy alternatives.
Many women want to know about their health and safety if they eat fish during their pregnancy. Nutritionist Del Millers, PhD, gives a comprehensive explanation of what... read more
Nutritionist Del Millers, PhD, explains how much caffeine is safe during pregnancy, and why we need to consider hidden sources of caffeine.
Hear what nutritionist Del Millers, PhD, recommends as the best and worst supplements and vitamins for women to take during pregnancy. Find out more about incredible... read more
Some women find that they only want to eat carbs during the first trimester of their pregnancy. Del Millers, PhD, a highly acclaimed nutritionist helps women maintain a... read more
Del Millers, PhD, highly acclaimed nutritionist and author discusses why pregnant women should generally avoid genetically modified foods and the effects they can have... read more
Robyn O'Brien, Author of The Unhealthy Truth, explains what every pregnant needs to know about her diet and why it is so important to avoid GMOs during pregnancy
Alan Greene, MD, Founder of, shares advice for parents on how to possibly reduce the risk of food allergies in your children while you are pregnant
Alan Greene, MD, explains the miraculous miracle of pregnancy and how babies develop from one cell during conception to the time that they're born
Alan Greene, MD, shares advice for women on how to have a green pregnancy in order to protect their baby from many harmful chemicals
Alisa Donner, LCSW, Co-Founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month, explains the best methods to nurture a pregnant woman to keep her happy and relaxed
Anna Getty, Founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month, shares her top tips for women who are pregnant for their first time
Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Coach Ling Wong, MS, CHC, explains the best herbs and teas that are good for use during pregnancy to help ease pregnancy side effects
Tom Williams, PhD, Trainer, explains how a woman continue can continue exercising regularly during her first trimester, but explains how to alter exercising at the start... read more
Mandy Schutt, Doula, explains the importance and benefits of exercising during pregnancy and which types of exercises are best for pregnant women
Tom Williams, PhD, explains the enormous benefits of exercising during pregnancy, and which exercises are most beneficial for pregnant women
Tom WIlliams, PhD Trainer, shares advice on whether or not there are any negative consequences to exercising during pregnancy
Tom WIlliams, PhD Trainer, explains how it is safe to exercise during pregnancy and offers advice on what to do before starting an exercise program during pregnancy
John Ratey, MD, shares advice for pregnant mothers on the benefits of exercising during pregnancy including discussion of a recent study that shows how it can lead to... read more
Tom WIlliams, PhD Trainer, explains how it is safe to exercise during the third trimester of pregnancy but shares the recommended time and heart rate to stay below when... read more
What are some good mood foods for during pregnancy? Ling Wong, MS, CHC, a holistic health and wellness coach, shares some key ingredients that will lead to a healthy... read more
Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Coach Ling Wong, MS, CHC, explains the best way to deal with cravings during pregnancy and what the underlying cause behind the cravings is
Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Coach Ling Wong, MS, CHC, shares advice on how to eat a healthy and balanced vegetarian diet during pregnancy
Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Coach Ling Wong, MS, CHC, explains which herbs women should avoid during pregnancy and why these herbs should be avoided
Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Coach Ling Wong, MS, CHC, explains the best vitamins and supplements to take during pregnancy for good prenatal health
Mandy Schutt, Doula, shares nutritional tips for pregnant women, including what nutrients are important to eat and what nutritional factors to focus on
Author Armin Brott, shares advice on the importance of exercising during pregnancy and how to help support your pregnant partner's exercise efforts


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