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Working from home

When my children were young, I was fortunate that my husband was the head of a company that was, financially, doing very well. Of course, the economy in the United States went sour and we became victims of it. I was lucky enough that my husband allowed me to continue to be a stay-at-home mom with my children so that I can be that integral part of their lives. I also felt that, if I had to get a job to supplement our income, there was no way that I was going to make enough money to cover daycare costs or nanny costs. So I felt that the benefits of working full time outside of the home, did not outweigh the costs for being outside of the home for so long during the day. Once I started working part-time, after Kindergarten, I was able to supplement our income in a small way, but meaningful ways. I can now help pay for things like groceries and enrichment classes and gasoline. Those are all very important costs for every day life and I'm able to help in those small ways. We make living adjustments and that's fine. We don't go to the movies or any restaurant that we want, when we want. I make things at home. It enriches us all so much more and we're doing great.

See Mimi Lichterman's video on Working from home...


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Mimi Lichterman

Mom & Educator

Mimi is a full-time mom and part-time educator. She has terrific nine-year-old twin sons and a wonderful and supportive husband of 15 years. She worked full time as a primary grade teacher until she and her husband decided to work on having a family. When her sons were in kindergarten, she returned to teaching part-time. Working part time at their school is a wonderful opportunity for her to take part in their school lives as well as to stay connected to education. She strives to achieve a healthy lifestyle for her family by balancing health, fun, learning, and green choices. She enriches her  family time by playing all kinds of card, board, word, and strategy games. She also likes to spread the fun by sharing the family's love of games with friends and extended family.

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