Should I correct my child's spelling?

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Should I correct my child's spelling?

I do not think that parents should correct their young ones first attempts at spelling or writing. I think that naturally, children absorb so much of the information around them that both spoken and written. The physical writing of it is an articulation of their learning. To squelch that by saying, "No, you can't do that, it must look like this," creates resistance against writing. It creates a block. Just like if you were to teach a child to throw a ball. You give them the ball and let them throw it around a little bit, see what they can do. See what they can discover on their own. You don't say, "Take it in your hand. You hold your fingers wide, and you cock your hand back, step on one foot and lunge forward." If we all did that, we would have no children playing ball, no professional sports players. It's the same for writing, we want to give those natural processes to develop. Once they are a little older, once they are comfortable with the physical part of writing, you can give them some guidelines and get them on their way to more easy writing. But in the beginning stages, let them go and become comfortable.

See Mimi Lichterman's video on Should I correct my child's spelling?...


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Mimi is a full-time mom and part-time educator. She has terrific nine-year-old twin sons and a wonderful and supportive husband of 15 years. She worked full time as a primary grade teacher until she and her husband decided to work on having a family. When her sons were in kindergarten, she returned to teaching part-time. Working part time at their school is a wonderful opportunity for her to take part in their school lives as well as to stay connected to education. She strives to achieve a healthy lifestyle for her family by balancing health, fun, learning, and green choices. She enriches her  family time by playing all kinds of card, board, word, and strategy games. She also likes to spread the fun by sharing the family's love of games with friends and extended family.

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