Time-outs for toddlers

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Time-outs for toddlers

In my experience, timeouts for toddlers ages two and three, did not work at all. I have twin boys. They are almost nine now. We went through the terrible twos and the horrible threes, and in no way, do I think the timeouts helped me. I think they created more tension and more anger because, I think, they were too young to understand what they were being asked to do. They were too young to sit and think about what they did wrong. They are supposed to sit quietly, but they could not do that. They were two and three years old, and they couldn't do that physically. If I were to have children again, which I will not do, I would not put so much pressure on the timeout chair. Once they researched preschool age and more mature, they were able to think about actions more and to think into the future and to think about what they could do differently, or think about how their actions affected others. I'm sure there are some three year olds that are mature enough to do that. My children were not. Timeouts were not effective. Older ages, great to remove the situation and let them let it out. Adults need that too. As a parent of a toddler, I didn't understand that well enough, but I do now.

Watch Video: Time-outs for toddlers by Mimi Lichterman, ...


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Mimi Lichterman

Mom & Educator

Mimi is a full-time mom and part-time educator. She has terrific nine-year-old twin sons and a wonderful and supportive husband of 15 years. She worked full time as a primary grade teacher until she and her husband decided to work on having a family. When her sons were in kindergarten, she returned to teaching part-time. Working part time at their school is a wonderful opportunity for her to take part in their school lives as well as to stay connected to education. She strives to achieve a healthy lifestyle for her family by balancing health, fun, learning, and green choices. She enriches her  family time by playing all kinds of card, board, word, and strategy games. She also likes to spread the fun by sharing the family's love of games with friends and extended family.

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