How to make math fun

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How to make math fun

So one way you can get your child excited about math and to help development their mathematical understanding is by playing games. From a young age, you can play simple games like Chutes and Ladders and the Memory Match Game. And as they get older, you can try Uno or Sorry and then build onto chess or other strategy games like partner card games or even poker because you need to do sorting, you need to categorize, you need to add, you need to subtract, you need to critically think about strategy. What is my opponent going to do? What can I do to prevent my opponent from winning? Games are great in so many ways. You also help your child learn to sit and wait and be patient while other people are making their turns. It can help them learn to be good winners and good losers. You give them the life skills of knowing how to do math in their head because when you are playing a game, you cannot have a piece of paper on the side to help you figure out all the math things because it would take too much time. And it helps children in the real world. When they are out shopping and they want to buy that $80 lego set and they need to figure out how much is it going to cost because it is 25% off. They are not going to have that pen and paper at the store, but because they had that grounding of mathematical learning, they will be able to figure that out in their heads on the spot and they can actually use that information. Math is so empowering when you can learn it in concrete ways. As an adult, I can tell you it is so empowering and exciting to see my children being such great mathematical thinkers.

View Mimi Lichterman's video on How to make math fun...


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Mimi Lichterman

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Mimi is a full-time mom and part-time educator. She has terrific nine-year-old twin sons and a wonderful and supportive husband of 15 years. She worked full time as a primary grade teacher until she and her husband decided to work on having a family. When her sons were in kindergarten, she returned to teaching part-time. Working part time at their school is a wonderful opportunity for her to take part in their school lives as well as to stay connected to education. She strives to achieve a healthy lifestyle for her family by balancing health, fun, learning, and green choices. She enriches her  family time by playing all kinds of card, board, word, and strategy games. She also likes to spread the fun by sharing the family's love of games with friends and extended family.

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