Good rewards for token economies

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Good rewards for token economies

When you establish a token economy with your child and the kind of rewards they need to be motivating for the child. So you do want to design something for the child that you know will motivate them and it’s going to be different for each child. For boys, you know, you could do themes that are based on super heroes. If you’re not artistic, you can use stickers, or smiley faces. For small children, if it’s visual and there’s whistles and bells, then that’s going to be more motivating. If it’s a little girl, you might want to base your rewards, you know, on jewelry or… one example is, you could build a bracelet where for each day that she has met this goal, she gets a bead and then together you build this bracelet. And then, there’s bonus beads for bonus days. And that’s just one example. It could be share time together. It could be food, if that’s a great motivator. You want to know what your child’s love language is to know what’s motivating. For adults, we go to work, because we get a paycheck. But if our job is enjoyable, it’s much more rewarding and more motivating for us to go to work.

Watch Lisa Gonsalves, MA's video on Good rewards for token economies...


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Lisa Gonsalves, MA

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In her career in youth development, Lisa Gonsalves, MA, has served youth populations across the globe over the past 25 years. Her professional experience includes creating, developing, and administering a variety of programs, development systems, and methods for young people as coordinator, counselor, and instructor for ages four through 24.  The various youth populations she has served include school age children with behavioral or mental heath diagnoses, urban and rural at-risk adolescents, foreign students, gay youth, socio-economically underprivileged, and middle class youth. She has a master’s degree in Social Policy for Youth Services.

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