Food and sensory disorders

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Food and sensory disorders

Because my son has heightened issues with sensory issues, being hungry is a big trigger for behaviors. So when he was young, even though he could not articulate his needs, if he was hungry, allowing him to be able to feed himself was a huge help but it had to be healthy foods. Like he knew that eating something unhealthy would not make him feel better but having access to foods high in protein, like hardboiled eggs, cheese, maybe bananas, anything, and fruits that he could feed himself that have access to helped a lot to make him feel better. So even in travel, you want to have like a to go bag that might have snacks in case you are going to be delayed mealtime. Then, he would have something that he could feed himself that would be healthy and it would make him feel better and we would have fewer behaviors.

View Lisa Gonsalves, MA's video on Food and sensory disorders...


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Lisa Gonsalves, MA

Behavior Therapist

In her career in youth development, Lisa Gonsalves, MA, has served youth populations across the globe over the past 25 years. Her professional experience includes creating, developing, and administering a variety of programs, development systems, and methods for young people as coordinator, counselor, and instructor for ages four through 24.  The various youth populations she has served include school age children with behavioral or mental heath diagnoses, urban and rural at-risk adolescents, foreign students, gay youth, socio-economically underprivileged, and middle class youth. She has a master’s degree in Social Policy for Youth Services.

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