Surviving a crash vs. surviving an abduction

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Surviving a crash vs. surviving an abduction

If a child is under the threat of abduction, they should never leave the location where the abduction is occurring. Once you go with an abductor, the chances of survival diminish tremendously. That having been said, if a child is secreted in the front seat of a vehicle that is ready to take them away, they should pull a button off of the shirt or blouse and stick it in the ignition key. This should prevent the abductor from getting away. If the abductor does get away, they should put force on the gas pedal because you are much more likely to survive a crash then you are an abduction. If you are in the trunk of the car, you need to understand that every car has a trunk release. You just need to find that handle and pull it. By far the most important thing, is to not go with the abductor. Stand your ground, and you will survive.

View Marc Klaas's video on Surviving a crash vs. surviving an abduction...


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Marc Klaas

President, KlaasKids

In the aftermath of the Oct 1, 1993 kidnapping and murder of his 12-year-old daughter Polly, Marc Klaas gave up his lucrative rental car franchise to pursue an aggressive child safety agenda. In announcing the formation of the non-profit KlaasKids Foundation in September, 1994 Mr. Klaas said, “we can give meaning to Polly’s death and create a legacy in her name that will be protective of children for generations to come by pursuing the singular mission of stopping crimes against children.” Through federal and state legislative efforts Mr. Klaas promotes prevention programs for at-risk youth, stronger sentencing for violent criminals and governmental accountability and responsibility. Mr. Klaas travels extensively through the United States facilitating child safety events, encouraging innovative solutions and proven programs that positively impact crime, abuse and neglect that plague children in so many of our communities. He also counsels and advises numerous victim families and families of kidnapped children.

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