How and why to create a family purpose statement

Watch Video: How and why to create a family purpose statement by Tsh Oxenreider, ...
How and why to create a family purpose statement | Kids in the House
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How and why to create a family purpose statement

A family purpose statement is a simple saying or phrase that embodies who you are as a family, that describes your values and your passions. It helps you make decisions like what sort of home you live in, how you spend your time and just who you are as a family. The most important components of a well-working family purpose statement are that it is simple, so that it's easy to remember and you're not trying to cover all the bases of life. It's timeless, so that it's true, whether your kids are 2 or 20, and it is general, so you're not really talking about all the nitty-gritty details of how you spend your days. It's more these big picture umbrella ideas of what you care the most about. So whether it's being good stewards of the earth, or community and hospitality, you use these big phrases so that when you make decisions about how you spend your time or your money, you can remember who you are, and then make those daily decisions. I have a friend whose purpose statement emphasizes the environment and the outdoors, because they care a lot about the natural world, and that affected what sort of home they live in, so they cared a lot more about finding a home with a good back yard over a house with a lot of square footage. They also entertain outside a lot, and so when company comes over they have the room to do that. It also helps them decide where they go on vacation and spend their family time. They would prefer going hiking and camping as opposed to some other sorts of places and so having that in their purpose statement really helps them hone down who they are and how they make their daily decisions.

Watch Video: How and why to create a family purpose statement by Tsh Oxenreider, ...


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