Top tips for de-cluttering the kids' rooms

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Top tips for de-cluttering the kids' rooms | Kids in the House
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Top tips for de-cluttering the kids' rooms

The first thing I encourage parents to do when they de-clutter their kids bedrooms is to get their kids to help, and the reason is because it's sort of like teaching a man to fish. If you can teach your kids early on what it looks like to de-clutter and organize, then it becomes easier as they get older, and they actually want to do it themselves. I have found that to be the case in our home, which is fun. The best practical thing I do is make sure our kids don't have more than a week or two worth of clothes out at any time, because kids get them so dirty so quickly that you're washing them anyway, so they don't need a month's worth of clothes. They just need really a few shirts, a few pants, depending on the season, and then I store clothes that are either out of season or too big up on the top part of their shelves, and then about twice a year, we go through and just switch them out and pass the clothes that they have outgrown to the next kid, or out to a thrift store or to someone who needs them. Then the other thing I encourage parents to do is to really think about only having open ended toys, and by that I mean toys that serve more than one purpose and can be manipulated so that it's the kid playing and not the toy, so there are a lot of toys out there where you push a button and watch the toy play. That, to me, is not the best use of our money or space. I would rather have toys that are classic and timeless so that they can do multiple things and be used by multiple children, so blocks and lego and things like that can be manipulated to do lot's of things and so once you get rid of all the toys that only serve one purpose and just have these other toys, it becomes a lot easier to organize their room.

See Tsh Oxenreider's video on Top tips for de-cluttering the kids' rooms...


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