Fostering a baby's self-awareness

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Fostering a baby's self-awareness | Kids in the House
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Fostering a baby's self-awareness

You can foster a child´s self-awareness by allowing him to be an active participant during all of the caregiving routines. That means the child is not considered just a passive recipient, rather he is a collaborator. He is a participant in his caregiving routines. And what I mean by that is say for example you are going to change his diaper. You let him know that you are going to change his diaper. And first, you start by mentioning I am going to take off this shoe and I will take off your pants. And I am going to need you to lift your legs and yes, I see you. You are stretching your legs. Yes, you are kicking with your legs. You have a dialog with your baby about what is happening and he in turn learns to understand all this is connected to me. If I do this, this happens. And you are allowing him to discover through your interactions who he is and where his body extends to, where is able to be considered a human being that is an important participant in his care.

See Elsa Chahin's video on Fostering a baby's self-awareness...


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Elsa Chahin

Mom and Infant & Toddler Consultant

Elsa Chahin was born in Mexico City and grew up in both the United States and Mexico, feeling at home with both cultures. She is a RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) Associate, and PITC (Program for Infant Toddler Care) Trainer, working with professionals and parents of babies zero to three. She is a UCLA Certified Lactation Educator; as a Certified Interpreter-Translator, she collaborated in the translation into Spanish of Magda Gerber’s book Your Self Confident Baby and translated and narrated Magda Gerber’s videos “See How They Move“ and “Seeing Infant With New Eyes”, and the audio guide for caregivers.  Elsa is a Certified Teacher of English as a Second Language, passing her Proficiency in English exams at Cambridge and Oxford Universities.  She studied In Budapest, Hungary under the tutelage of Anna Tardos, Dr. Emmi Pikler’s daughter. She has authored several articles and speaks nationally and internationally on the topic of caring for babies with respect.  She serves on the Board of Directors of the Pikler/Loczy Fund USA. Before embarking in her career in infant development, she was a professional ballerina who continues to teach dance to little ones. Above of all, she is a joyous mom!

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