Avoiding nipple confusion

Watch Video: Avoiding nipple confusion by Laura Dahl, ...
How to Avoid Nipple Confusion After Baby is in the NICU
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Avoiding nipple confusion

Nursing has been one of my biggest expectations of being a mother from the beginning. And when my son ended up in the NICU, of course I was terrified that we might be dealing with nipple confusion and other issues that would hinder our ability to nurse together. I made it very clear to the entire NICU staff that this was something that we both wanted and I just wouldn't take no for an answer. I ensured that we had lactation consultants constantly coming over and working with us. And at the beginning, he actually did have a feeding tube going into his stomach; that was the only way because he was so attached to different machines and other tubes. He wasn't able to nurse and he wasn't strong enough to nurse. So through the feeding tube, I actually was taught how to express my colostrum into little syringes and he was fed that. And when my milk came down, I would pump all up until he was able to finally latch on, which was about 3 or 4 days into his life. He was finally off all the tubes and he latched on immediately. He's a smart boy. And everybody in the NICU, the lactation consultants and all, told me that he would figure out where the milk comes from, where the good stuff is. And as a hungry boy, he latched right on and we've had a rally successful nursing experience ever since.

Watch Video: Avoiding nipple confusion by Laura Dahl, ...


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Laura Dahl is a fashion designer and creative director of two brands, Laura Dahl and Wifebeader and the co-founder and editor of the lifestyle website Built by Kids, where she teaches families, caregivers and children “The ABC’s of DIY”.  She thrives in the midst of chaos and feeds off the energy around her, but she always finds balance perched on top of a horse or in a solid Downward Facing Dog position.  She loves hats, a good dance party, and vintage cars. She finds inspiration in people and their cultures and is always eager to hop on a plane. A proud Sin City native, Laura grew up in the ballet studio and is related to Vegas Vick. Halloween is a big holiday in her family and she has plenty of wigs to prove it.

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