How do you start using elimination communication (EC)?

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How do you start using elimination communication (EC)? | Kids in the House
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How do you start using elimination communication (EC)?

A couple of the methods that are used to facilitate elimination communication are: One, which I used with my daughter, which was from the time she was about three weeks old I would take her into me really close and hold her over a normal toilet and I would kind of whisper in her ear our secret signal that essentially let her know okay, this is what you asked me for and now I am giving it to you so you can go ahead and go potty. And our signal was just ps, ps, ps. And then she would go potty in the toilet. Other people use like a little teeny baby potty or even a little bowl if it is a very small infant. And they do the same thing. It doesn´t really matter so much what the secret code is between you and your child. It more matters just that you are communicating with them and letting them know okay, you let mommy know that you needed to go potty and now you can do that.
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See Mandy Schutt's video on How do you start using elimination communication (EC)?...


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