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Children and Teen's Health

Amy Williams is a journalist and former social worker, specializing in teen behavioral health. She believes that, in our digital age, it's time for parents and educators to make sure parents and students alike are educated about technology and social media use, hoping to inform others through her writing.

Jewelry Ideas
You might love to wear your favorite jewelry but being around kids can make it inappropriate. It doesn’t mean you have to go without looking stylish, though. Here are some tips on how to wear jewelry when you're running around after the kids all day so that you keep your children out of danger. Make it Shiny, Not Flashy
How To Get Your Kids to be activists
Global warming, polluted bodies of water, and poor air quality have convinced many people to lessen their carbon footprint and to become better stewards of the environment.
mom relaxing after meditation
When we signed up for this mom gig, many of us had envisioned happy scenarios of the miracles, joys, and wonders our little bundles of joy were promised to provide. Our friends and relatives talked lovingly about these perks of joining the parent club. But, we didn’t fully comprehend how parenthood would require a 24/7 job presence with no provision of sick or vacation days. This revelation finds many of us stressed out as we juggle motherhood, relationships, work, and family.
getting in shape together with kids
Carpools, cooking, running errands, playdates, working… Life as a parent is pretty busy, to say the least. When you’ve got so much to tend to, it can be hard to squeeze in some time to work out.
low budget summer programs for kids in 2017
Summer break is upon us and that means weeks and months of idle days for our children. Most of them will pass the hours away lounging by the pool, scrolling social media, or finding ways to beat the heat indoors. While a refreshing and welcome relief from the structured school year, summer days often find our sons and daughters feeling bored or lazy. Instead of letting them waste away their vacation, keep them engaged, learning, and active by enrolling them in one or more of the following low-cost summer programs:
kids gardening learning
Getting children involved with gardening has so many rewards it’s difficult to list them all in just one blog. For starters, if you have an outdoor venue, it gets them outside more often and a little more sunshine and time spent out of the house will better for them in the long run.
Every night, most children have the same shared homework: reading. While the recommended time is usually 15 to 30 minutes, for some kids, 30 seconds spent glimpsing at a book might feel like an eternity. And when a book becomes just another homework assignment, the reading adventure falls flat.
Today’s kids are growing up in an environment where technology is at the heart of almost every daily activity. Unfortunately, with tablets, hand-held game systems and all the other fun gadgets, kids are staying on the couch more often than enjoying activities that encourage them to exercise and move.
adoption dna
In my case, being an adopted child means more to me than if I had been biologically conceived by my loving parents who were unable to have children of their own. Being an adoptee never came as a bombshell revelation to me but rather was common knowledge throughout my childhood as my parents said things like, “We ordered you from the baby store.”
As of February 2015, according to the Cyberbullying Research Center, 34.4% of teenagers in a high school in the U.S said that at one point in their life, they had been victims of cyberbullying. Today, teenagers and young adults have the ability to reach multidtudes of different social media platforms as well as personal devices and cellphones. Teaching teens to have a positive and appropriate digital footprint is extremely important for parents.


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