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Relaxation and Meditation Tips for the busy Mom

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When we signed up for this mom gig, many of us had envisioned happy scenarios of the miracles, joys, and wonders our little bundles of joy were promised to provide. Our friends and relatives talked lovingly about these perks of joining the parent club. But, we didn’t fully comprehend how parenthood would require a 24/7 job presence with no provision of sick or vacation days. This revelation finds many of us stressed out as we juggle motherhood, relationships, work, and family.

Thankfully, research is finding that moms can cope with our demands simply by harnessing the power of meditation and relaxation. It has been found that moms who practiced mindfulness after the birth of their children had lower levels of anxiety, stress, and psychological distress than those women who did nothing. This same group of meditating mamas were less judgmental and argumentative. It should also be noted that a study hailing from Harvard found meditation naturally helps all people relax.

Meditation can take many forms, but it can be especially beneficial for moms, new or old, who are busy and overscheduled. As an added benefit, experts also found meditation can help postpartum women reclaim healthy weights after pregnancy. And, thankfully, it is not just new moms who can benefit from a smaller waistline. Other studies unearthed that practicing meditation can empower women to manage eating habits, limit stress hormones, and reduce abdominal fat. This naturally leads to weight loss and healthy improvements over a span of time.

Listed below are 7 relaxation and meditation tips to help you become healthier and happier:

Find a happy place. Look for a location in your home that is peaceful and quiet. Use this area to seek solitude, meditate, or calm your nerves. Limit distractions by turning off the television, radio, or your cellphone.

Keep it simple. Mini meditations can fit into any schedule, at any given time. You can do these types of meditations while walking, showering, doing the dishes, and more. The key is to be mindful, instead of focusing on the never ending to-do list. Focus on the feeling of water on your skin, the warmth of the sunlight on your body, or the smell of the soap while you are concentrating on your breathing.

Take a guided journey. Let’s face it. Sometimes, we are mentally exhausted, barely remembering to switch the wet laundry into the dryer. Tap into guided meditations on YouTube or other platforms to help clear your mind when it works for you. Listen to these free guides at anytime or anyplace to let your to-do list fade away without adding extra stress to your day.

Surround yourself with sound. Music and soothing sounds are powerful resources for mothers, because they can be used to soothe or energize you during the day. Consider using headphones to tune out surrounding interruptions for a few precious moments or sit in the car to find your ohm. For added relaxation, soak in a hot bath and play meditation music or soothing sounds to help wash away the stress from the day.

Remember to breathe. We all know that we are busy and finding one more thing to squeeze into our days can be overwhelming. These feelings only add fuel to our stress levels and that is the last thing we want or need. For those days where grabbing five minutes for yourself seem impossible, don’t worry. One of the simplest ways to relax and meditate is to focus on our breathing. Several times during the day, take five consecutive deep slow breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale from your mouth. This little breathing session, even though it is short, might just be what our bodies need to remember to slow down.

Use crystals. Many people believe that laying stones or crystals on certain spots of your body can activate healing while helping you meditate. Whether you believe in this or not, women are using this trending alternative medicine technique to tap into a crystal’s unseen hidden healing properties and abilities to open a higher consciousness of the mind. Many find this trend is comparable to aromatherapy and practicing mindfulness. There are a variety of resources available to help guide you on determining which crystals are the best fit for your personality and needs.

Turn on the light. Don’t worry, we aren’t about to up your electric bill. Instead of flipping a physical light switch, visualize a white light moving through your body and as it passes, relaxing every muscle. This process is surprisingly effective when you need to calm down and relax.

What relaxation and meditation advice can you share for busy moms?

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