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Psychotherapist and Author

Tristan is a psychotherapist who works with adolescents, adults and couples. She believes that sustainable therapeutic work is reliant on a holistic approach including emotional, physical, social and spiritual well-being, with interpersonal and mindfulness at the root of her practice. Tristan is a mom of a 2-year old who lives for strolls on the beach, eavesdropping at local coffee shops, shopping for vintage dresses and snuggle time with her son. 

Including my son’s, I have been to ten turning-two parties, in two months, but today I had the privilege of being my son’s plus one at the most charming 2-year old birthday party of them all. This one was different. Sure there were cupcakes and pizza; it was at a park. There was sunshine and goodie bags and plenty of cute kids. But the standout was that for once, there wasn’t a Pinterest replication in sight. When we left the party, we left with birdseed and sunflower butter in our hair, dirt in our toenails, paint on our pants and the biggest smiles imaginable.
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