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Tamala is the voice behind Chic Family Travels, a travel website dedicated to luxury family travel. Tamala and her husband Daniel are jetsetting the globe with their family of 5. Tamala loves to share their adventures and misadventures of traveling with kids on her travel blog. 

The Breakers in Palm Beach is on a lot of people's bucket list, including mine. Thus, I plunged at the opportunity to stay at the Breakers with my youngest son while my older girls were at tennis camp in the area. The Breakers had been built up so much that I was almost expecting to be disappointed.  First of all, you can literally see the hotel miles before you actually arrive. My son’s first question upon arrival was : “Mommy, why are we staying in a castle?”
5 Amazing Travel Tips That Will Change Your Life I am always offering travel tips and advice to my friends and family, so I thought that I would share the love on my travel blog. These travel tips will actually change your life, if you like to travel as much as we do. 1- Use Google Voice & Talk-a-Tone app to text and make phone calls for FREE while traveling abroad  
I am about to give you my personal Top 3 tips for flying with toddlers, so get out your pencils, iphone notes, or better yet just pin this post to your pinterest board! I have traveled the world with my three children, and a couple of these tips for traveling with a toddler did not evolve until #3 came along. I recently had a couple of “Aha! moments,” that have made flying with my toddler a lot easier. #1. My number 1 tip for flying with a toddler is to bring a car seat on the airplane!
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