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Play and Physical Development Specialist

David Reeves is the Marketing Director at Superior Grounds For Play. A community coach for 10 years, he knows the benefits of active play. GFP play environments are designed to challenge children both mentally and physically to encourage development and independent play.

With warmer weather approaching, the park is the place to be for kids and parents who are ready to spend some time outdoors after a long winter. However, the park can be full of hazards for 3- to 5-year olds, and you are going to need to be alert. If you want to enjoy some relaxation while your preschooler burns off some pent up energy, here are some tips to keep your little one safe at the park. 1. Look for Age-Appropriate Equipment
Spring is here, which means there’s more time for your kids to be playing outside and on the playground. Whether that playground is at a school, a park or someone’s backyard, it offers a perfect environment for almost limitless hours of fun and imaginative play. Like all play opportunities for children, however, playground play comes with some risk factors. When they’re chasing one another around the swing set or climbing up ladders, kids can get injured.
All parents know that the playground is the perfect place to encourage kids to exercise and use some of that boundless energy. Your kids can spend hours playing with their friends on the playground while you sit, relax and watch. Yet, why should your kids be getting all of the benefit? That playground equipment is a great place to exercise while your kids are entertained and engaged in their creative play. Here are five ways to use the playground to improve your fitness goals: 1. Work the Upper Body
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