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Five Things You Need to Know About Lice

Aug 13, 2014

Lice is one of the more common childhood maladies that still persists today.  While not particularly dangerous, it is generally considered one of the most undesirable pest infestations and care should be taken to avoid contact whenever possible.  This may prove difficult in certain situations and expert Amy Goldreyer states that if children live in a warm environment, they will almost inevitably contract lice at some point.  If a child is at risk for lice, which is a distinct likelihood no matter what the hygienic conditions, it is important that parents know the following things.

  1. Lice spread very quickly and easily.  If one person in the household has lice, everyone in the house must be checked, especially if combs, brushes, or bedding are shared.  Unless the home is checked thoroughly and cleared, families run the risk of giving lice back and forth. If a child in a classroom is discovered to have lice, every child in the classroom should also be checked.
  2. Lice do not carry disease.  According to lice removal expert Amy Goldreyer, lice are not carriers of blood-borne illnesses.  She goes so far as to say people could live with lice their entire life and be perfectly fine.  While lice are relatively harmless, they are blood-feeding parasites and efforts should be taken to get rid of them.
  3. There may be no symptoms of lice.  If someone contracts lice, there may be scratching or a rash.  In many cases however, there may be no indication of lice at all.  With no outward indications, a case of lice will not be apparent until it becomes a severe infestation.  By this time the amount of lice will be very visible, and infestation is obvious.
  4. Lice like clean hair.  Warm, clean hair is the ideal place for lice.  They dislike dirty or greasy hair, as they have difficulty climbing through it.  This supports the idea that the likelihood of contracting lice has less to do with the hygienic level of the child’s home and more to do with the child’s exposure to other children with lice.
  5. Lice combs are the best way of getting grid of lice.  While anti-lice shampoos sometimes work, the most reliable way to get rid of lice is using a conditioner or other agent to make the hair greasy and thoroughly combing through the hair each day.  After several days of carefully combing, the lice should be gone.


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I didn't know lice like clean hair better. You would think it's the other way around.

I've heard that movie theaters are big ways that lice gets spread so don't take your kids there if they have lice!