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Kindergarten and focusing

Posted October 26, 2017 - 7:23pm

My daughter is in Kinder this year and having a difficult time. This is her second year in school, she did a pre-k and now kindergarten. She has also been in day care since a young age. so she has been socialized most of her life. Her teacher this year does a color behavior chart, and a lot of times my daughter comes home on red. After asking her why I learn it is because she "did not listen", but that is about the best answer I get out of her. Tonight we had our first parent teacher conference and I have finally been told what is going on. She has a difficult time with the other children in the class, she is touching the other kids, such as hitting, and kicking. The teacher even mentioned that she has become the scapegoat for the other children.
I also learned that she has a difficult time joining the group she likes to do her work in the back of the room, somewhere without others. When she does this she can do the work and works fine by herself, but put her in the group and she cannot focus. Which leads to the behaviors. The teacher also mentioned that she does things impulsively. The example I was given was she was playing with another child and just started throwing cards at her.
I have always had trouble with my daughter listening, its just never been something she was good at. I have tried many different things. We have a routine that we stick too, I go over rules and expectations with her everyday before she leaves for school. I have taken the phones and electronics away completely (minus some TV on the weekends), taken toys away, bought toys and surprises when she does well. We talk about her day what she did and what happened. We talk about making good choices and what that means. But I am at a loss, so I am reaching out in hopes that somebody may have more ideas.
How do you get a 5 year old to focus and how can you develop the idea of making good choices?
Thank you for reading

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Two issues that we have come across:Audiological processing:For some people, when the background noise rises they lose the ability to discern specific voices. This has to do with how the brain processes the audio signal. This can be scientifically diagnosed using a figure-ground discrimination test by an audiologist.If this is an issues, there are several ways around it:A quieter classroom - this tends to be almost impossible for a 5yo's class.Sit the child at the front so they can hear betterTrain them by playing music (no words, we use classical) while they play at homeWork with the teacher, sometimes they might need to touch the child on the shoulder before talking to ensure they have the child's full attention.Wearing headphones - we have several children at our school who wear headphones to reduce the ambient noise levels.Visual processing:Some children who have good eyes can benefit from a mild prescription glasses to aid the visual processing in the brain. We have a 5yo who was diagnosed by a behavioural optometrist who found that, although he could see well enough, he required a lot of brain effort to process the signal. This would show up as him losing concentration during class. We now have him wearing glasses in class and when we do his homework, this seems to have help his concentration. He will now read 30~45 minutes at a time without getting tired. Or it could be a lot simpler:work is too easy, she's getting boredwork is too hard, she's getting frustratedlack of sleepa teacher not well suited to young children. My 5yo's teacher makes the kids to 15 minutes of exercise before starting work - it makes a world of difference to their concentration.


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