Choosing a sperm bank

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Choosing a sperm bank

There are differences when it comes to sperm banks. Some focus on larger cities with a massive reach. Others are located in much smaller cities. And it's really up to the person obtaining the sperm what it is they are looking for. For me, I wanted to go with a bigger sperm bank and I chose one of the largest in the country so I had a wide selection of donors. In terms of cost when it comes to joining a sperm bank, some are subscription based, others are not. When I joined this particular bank, I didn't have to pay anything. The only thing I really had to pay for was if I wanted a deeper investigation into the health records or the psychological background or baby pictures of the donor, which are all things that a woman who is really considering choosing a donor should obtain and invest in. But there are other sperm banks that are completely free. You pay. You obviously have to pay for the sperm. The sperm is anywhere between $1200 and $1500 dollars a vial. Each time you get inseminated, you need two vials. So you need to make sure you buy two vials of sperm when you choose a donor. And then, if you want future kids with that same donor, you have to bank extra sperm just in case.

Watch Video: Choosing a sperm bank by Janis Gaudelli, ...


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Janis Gaudelli

Single Mom

Janis Gaudelli is a native New Yorker, living in Los Angeles. In her mid thirties, she made the decision to become a single mother by choice via donor insemination. She is the Vice President of The Futures Company. In her free time she enjoys dinner with friends, the ocean, and reading a good book. 

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