Legalities of sperm donation

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Legalities of sperm donation

The legalities involved in, you know, getting inseminated through a sperm donation are very minimal in the way in which I went about it. You know, I signed up with a sperm bank. And, on their bucket, they have all the, you know, terms and conditions. But, I didn't need to seek out legal counsel. I think that, you know, takes place when you either know the donor or you're going through, you know, some other, you know, intensive sperm donation process. But, mine, I did not have to have legal counsel.

See Janis Gaudelli's video on Legalities of sperm donation...


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Janis Gaudelli

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Janis Gaudelli is a native New Yorker, living in Los Angeles. In her mid thirties, she made the decision to become a single mother by choice via donor insemination. She is the Vice President of The Futures Company. In her free time she enjoys dinner with friends, the ocean, and reading a good book. 

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