Health history of donor

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Health history of donor

In going through the sperm donation process, you do receive topline information on their health history. If you want to dig deeper, which I definitely recommend to most women who are really serious about this process, you have to invest in purchasing a deep dive into their psychological history, their mental history and even their obviously physical history. They also give background checks on family members, mom, dad, aunts, grandparents, things along those lines so you could see the genetics and what it is you are up against when choosing that donor.

Learn about: Health history of donor from Janis Gaudelli,...


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Janis Gaudelli

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Janis Gaudelli is a native New Yorker, living in Los Angeles. In her mid thirties, she made the decision to become a single mother by choice via donor insemination. She is the Vice President of The Futures Company. In her free time she enjoys dinner with friends, the ocean, and reading a good book. 

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