Male nesting

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Male nesting

There's a lot of stereotypes that go along pregnancy. One of them is that women are going to be nesting. We hear that they're move into the soon to be nursery, and they start putting together cribs and going around and buying sheets and all sorts of stuff. Dads actually go through this as well. It happens in a bunch of different ways. One is that's it's almost a physical nesting that they start building things. It's an amazing things. That goes anywhere from building a rocking horse which if not such a big deal if you don't finish it before the pregnancy ends, to carrying the roof off your house, and doing some major construction project because you think that the nursery doesn't have the right kind of light. That's a bigger deal if you don't get that one finished. But there are these projects and it's all about wanting to be part of the pregnancy and feeling really involved. There is another thing which is sort of like nesting. But it's kind of a funny little phenomenon that happens is lot of guys think, particularly, in the second trimester, "There's no way in the world we can afford this. That it must have been crazy to get involved in this in the first place. I'm going to get another job." So a lot of guys will have a 2nd job and a 3rd job because they're really worried about their family. They want to be able to spend time with the family. They want to be able to afford it. The irony though is that these guys are getting their second and third jobs so that they'll be able to spend more time with their family, but they can't spend time with their family because they're working 2nd and 3rd jobs.

See Armin Brott's video on Male nesting...


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A former Marine, Armin Brott has devoted the last 15 years to providing men with the tools, support, and knowledge to help them become the fathers they want to be—and their families need them to be. His seven critically acclaimed books for fathers have sold well over a million copies. Titles include The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips, and Advice for Dads-to-Be and The New Father: A Dad’s Guide to the First Year. He has written on fatherhood for hundreds of newspapers and magazines and is a frequent guest on such television programs as the Today Show. He also writes a nationally syndicated newspaper column (Ask Mr. Dad), and hosts a syndicated radio show (Positive Parenting). He lives with his family in Oakland, California.

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