What to do with the placenta

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What to do with the placenta

Some people take home their placenta. It's actually quite a common procedure these days. Ten years ago, if a woman would have requested to have their placenta, they would be like, "You want to do what?" Nowadays, it's pretty common practice. People take their placentas home for two different reasons. One, its more poetic. They will bury the placenta and plant a tree in their backyard and that will be the child's tree. It's very romantic and a beautiful idea. The second reason is to turn into medicine. A professional will pick it up, take it home, dehydrate it, and encapsulate it. It's very ancient Chinese medicine tradition. It's new for us but it's not new in Chinese medicine. The theory behind that is that humans don't eat our placentas after birth, other mammals do. Placentas have brains. There's no two placentas alike. The placenta develops based on the needs of that baby, for that woman, at that time; which means that those nutrients can be very helpful to the mother as the hormones are coming down after delivery. It may be an easier transition from being pregnant to non-pregnant.

Watch Video: What to do with the placenta by Ana Paula Markel, ...


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Ana Paula Markel


Ana Paula Markel is the mother of four children. Having experienced two cesarean births, a medicated vaginal birth and a natural birth (in that order,) Ana Paula discovered a passionate interest in the childbirth process. Her goal is to assist mothers and families to explore the many options available in childbirth and to take responsibility for their choices.

Ana Paula has been teaching a very fun and active childbirth preparation workshop in Los Angeles for the past nine years and has supported hundreds of families during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. Ana is also a doula trainer for DONA International and has been mentoring new doulas for the past six years. Ana Paula is honored to serve as Director of International Development for DONA International and to be on the advisory board for PAM (Pregnancy Awareness month.) In 2008 Ana founded BINI Birth, a center in Los Angeles dedicated to the childbirth education field, doula training and green pregnancy retail. BINI offers a variety of classes for pregnant couples and new parents. BINI offers yoga, Hypnobirthing, breastfeeding classes and support groups for new mothers and Ana’s very popular workshops. BINI Birth is also the premiere doula referral service in Los Angeles. Ana Paula is passionate about connecting families of all backgrounds with their ideal birth support.

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