Establishing rules for a nanny

Watch Video: Establishing rules for a nanny by Lindsay Heller, PsyD, ...
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Establishing rules for a nanny

The most important first step in establishing boundaries and rules with your nanny actually comes at the very beginning of your relationship. In the interview process when you are actually defining the job responsibilities and the expectations all too often this is not defined and it causes problems down the line. And sometimes, people make a mistake and then they kind of let it go, they let it go and then it happens again, so for example, somebody coming to work late – just a little bit late and they kind of let it go and let it go, and then it becomes the norm and then it becomes a problem that we need to sit down and talk about. But if these things are clearly defined upfront at the very beginning of the relationship, it definitely offers a place to reference and say, “Remember, this is what we expect here,” and be able to go back to that. Now, realistically, that doesn’t always happen. But hopefully, you have meetings with your nanny on an ongoing basis and that provides an opportunity to discuss something that has come up and become a problem. The most important thing here is that you do address it as you go along and you don’t wait and let it build up until it’s a real issue.

Watch Video: Establishing rules for a nanny by Lindsay Heller, PsyD, ...


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Lindsay Heller, PsyD

Psychologist, The Nanny Doctor

Lindsay, known as The Nanny Doctor, has been working with families and their nannies for more than a decade. In addition to being a licensed clinical psychologist, Lindsay was a well-respected nanny for over 10 years in both the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. Now, through her nanny consulting services, Lindsay works in conjunction with families and their agencies to provide a unique specialized service to help each family in finding the best possible match for their family. She aids, not only in the interview and hiring process, but also with the important transition of introducing a new person into the household. She stands firmly beside each of her clients throughout their journey and custom tailors a plan of action for each individual family. No nanny issue is too big or small! Her team is excited to be working with her and are happy to offer every family they work with a complimentary hour of her services!


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