Nanny expectations

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Nanny expectations

What you expect your nanny to do depends on what your needs are and how you define them. It's really important that from the very beginning when you write up your job description, or you put up your classified or you talk to your nanny agency when you're identifying all of your needs for your family that you decide what you need, whether it's housekeeping and nanny care or a full charge nanny care, that you actually put that into writing and when you're in the interview, you're really clear about what you need from this nanny. There are all sorts of nannies out there. You can have a nanny who just does all things child, where they're just sort of a full charge nanny, they don't do any housekeeping. But then there also might be a nanny who does what's called light housekeeping, which is more of sort of a tidying around the house. And then there are sort of nanny housekeepers who do keep your house just like a house keeper, but they're also caring for the children. So you can ask for all of those things, you know, it just depends on what your family's needs are. And most importantly, being clear about that before you start your search, so that your candidate is not surprised by that all of a sudden when you hire them and they come into the job and they're just sort of, "You want me to clean the bathroom and the toilet?" when they are more of a full charge nanny. That's not going to work. It's really important that it's defined, you know, upfront.

Learn about: Nanny expectations from Lindsay Heller, PsyD,...


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Lindsay Heller, PsyD

Psychologist, The Nanny Doctor

Lindsay, known as The Nanny Doctor, has been working with families and their nannies for more than a decade. In addition to being a licensed clinical psychologist, Lindsay was a well-respected nanny for over 10 years in both the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. Now, through her nanny consulting services, Lindsay works in conjunction with families and their agencies to provide a unique specialized service to help each family in finding the best possible match for their family. She aids, not only in the interview and hiring process, but also with the important transition of introducing a new person into the household. She stands firmly beside each of her clients throughout their journey and custom tailors a plan of action for each individual family. No nanny issue is too big or small! Her team is excited to be working with her and are happy to offer every family they work with a complimentary hour of her services!


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