Getting kids to take medicine

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Getting kids to take medicine

I'm a parent. I know. It's not easy to give every child medicine. You want to avoid words like, mmm, it tastes like candy. Mmm, look, mommy is going to take a teaspoon first. I'll show you. It's not bad. It doesn't taste yucky. Well, first of all, medicines are never candy. They should never be referred to as tasting like candy. They should also never be shown that it's good to share medicines because if you're telling them it taste good and you're sharing, you're teaching them two pivotal things that are going to happen later in middle school. There's many little tricks that you can do as a parent. You can have a popsicle ready for your kid to have as soon as you've given them the medicine. You can let them stomp their foot and yell yuck as loud as they possibly can. You can have some Ginger Ale ready. All of these little tricks start teaching kids how to take medicines safely. But the most important thing is that you are showing them that you're reading the directions. Read them. Let them see you read them. Read it out loud and also you want to make sure you're checking expiration dates and you're teaching your children that these are still drugs even though they are over the counter medicines.

Watch Video: Getting kids to take medicine by Kelly Townsend, MS, ...


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Kelly Townsend, MS

Speaker, Author & Mom

Miles To Go’s Kelly and her husband Jonathan are professional speakers, writers and parents who specialize in drug prevention education for students, teachers and parents. Working from their base in Southern California, they have spent the past 17 years lecturing in the private school community using humor, science and multi-sensory teaching techniques to simplify a complex subject. Their first book, Not All Kids Do Drugs came out in 2010 and their second The Mother’s Checklist of Drug Prevention in 2011. Their third book, Where’s The Party was published in 2012.


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