Influx of ADHD diagnoses

Watch Video: Influx of ADHD diagnoses by Melissa Idelson, OTR/L, ...
Influx of ADHD diagnoses | Kids in the House
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Influx of ADHD diagnoses

Many children are being diagnosed with ADHD because we have the information and because we have the professionals that are able to assess and treat children that have attention difficulties. However, many children present with attention difficulties that actually are having difficulties in other areas. For example, if a child does not have what we call the receptive, the understanding language or the expressive, the verbal language to participate in preschool, they may not be sitting in circle time and attending and they may look like they have attention challenges. For a child, who what we call in sensory integration world is a movement seeker or is on the go you know, the child that may grow up and not be able to do a desk job, that's the child that is in Cirque du Soleil, for example, as an extreme. Those types of children, they need movement. They need to move. And, therefore, they're also going to look like they have attention deficit. So, it is just very, very critical to find out what is at the root of the attention difficulties. And, your psychologists are wonderful as well as pediatric occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, clinical psychologist to really assess if it truly is at ADD or if there are other components going on.

Watch Video: Influx of ADHD diagnoses by Melissa Idelson, OTR/L, ...


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Melissa Idelson, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

Melissa Idelson, OTR/L has been working as a Sensory Integration trained Occupational Therapist for 22 years. She is the Founder and Director of the Child Success Center (CSC) in Santa Monica CA. CSC recognizes that development and learning challenges are multi-faceted. They offer Occupational, Speech-Language, and Educational Therapy to children birth through 13 years of age; tailored to meet each child and families individual needs. As a child development specialist, Melissa guides parent and child through the development and/or learning process. Her team of highly skilled therapists at CSC know how to put the pieces of the puzzle together to complete each child¹s unique picture, and design a therapy program that will enable them to thrive. Melissa Idelson and the CSC team offer assessment and treatment, along with parent and teacher education for early intervention. 

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