Keeping athletic records to help you earn a scholarship

Learn about: Keeping athletic records to help you earn a scholarship from Susan Eiges Hansen,...
Keeping athletic records to help you earn a scholarship | Kids in the House
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Keeping athletic records to help you earn a scholarship

Should parents and students keep records of their athletic accomplishments in order to receive a college scholarship? The beauty of athletics is it's meritable and quantifiable and it's an activity that is not subjective and so much about college admissions is. And so it's great to be involved in an activity that has objectifiable measurement. You don't need to keep records in middle school or junior high school, but certainly once you get to high school it's great to have an athletic resume. The other thing, though, is that every individual sport have their own websites now; whether it's tennis or football or lacross. The college coaches are on those websites continously and monitoring these for their blue chip athletes. Once the students start high school they have ways of checking and verifying data and records without your presenting that to them but it's certainly always good to have a resume as a back up but know that those websites are very heavily watched by the college coaches.

Learn about: Keeping athletic records to help you earn a scholarship from Susan Eiges Hansen,...


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Susan Eiges Hansen

College Consultant

Susan Eiges Hansen, president of Hansen College Strategies, is an Independent College Counselor based in Santa Monica, California. Since 2007, Sue has been committed to helping students both in California and throughout the United States navigate the college admissions process and develop optimal strategies for college placement. Sue began her practice working with student-athletes and experienced so many successful placements that she frequently received requests to work with all types of students. She has since expanded her practice and welcomes all students who are seeking knowledgeable and comprehensive college planning. Sue received her Bachelors degree from the University of Florida and Masters from California State University Northridge. She has her certificate in Independent Educational Consulting from the University of California at Irvine and stays up to date with trends in higher education by attending several college counseling conferences per year. Sue is a member of WACAC (Western Association for College Admission Counseling) and an Associate member of IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association). She is a frequent contributor to various higher education and college admissions websites as an author, panelist, and blogger and regularly presents seminars and talks for students and families about preparing for college. Prior to launching her college counseling career, Sue worked for twenty years at three major hospitals in the Los Angeles area as a program director, medical educator, and research librarian. Sue is the parent of two recent college graduates. Her older daughter graduated from the University of Virginia and her younger daughter from Stanford.

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