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Menstruation Videos

Diane Tanaka, MD Adolescent Medicine Physician, shares advice for parents on what is considered late for your teenage daughter to have her first period, and should have... read more
Michael Bradley, EdD Adolescent Behavioral Specialist, shares advice for parents on the best methods for getting your daughter prepared for her first menstrual period
Mao Shing Ni, PhD Doctor of Chinese Medicine, shares advice on how Chinese medicine works to find the underlying issue behind menstrual cramps and the different ways it... read more
Mao Shing Ni, PhD Doctor of Chinese Medicine, shares advice for parents on the best Chinese medicinal supplements to help improve the wellness of your children
Learn about: When should I talk to my child about menstruation? from Lisa Stern, MD,...
Harvard Professor John Ratey, MD Psychiatrist, discusses how exercise can help teenage girls to regulate their hormonal fluctuations
Watch Lisa Stern, MD's video on Why teens may be prescribed birth control pills...
Puberty is a difficult time for young adults and many parents wonder when do girls stop growing? Get the answers to the questions that will help you when your daughter... read more
See Cara Natterson, MD's video on Are girls entering puberty and starting periods earlier?...
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