Advice for pregnant teens

Watch Video: Advice for pregnant teens by Guylaine Hubbard-Brosmer, PhD, ...
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Advice for pregnant teens

When a teenager or a young woman finds herself pregnant and faced with the decision of whether or not to terminate the pregnancy, parent the baby, or place the baby for adoption, it's important for her to have a support system to help her through the process because it's a very difficult process, and she needs to educate herself about her options and the ramifications of those options. Since there are myths out there about adoption, she may see adoption as just giving the baby away. But with open adoption, she's placing the baby into a loving home and she can be part of that child's life, which is a key aspect to having the openness, is that she can maintain a connection with the baby and the family that she places the baby with.

Watch Video: Advice for pregnant teens by Guylaine Hubbard-Brosmer, PhD, ...


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Guylaine Hubbard-Brosmer, PhD

Adoption Expert

Guylaine has both personal and professional experience with open adoption, which gives her a very unique perspective on the topic. She and her husband are the parents of two children (young adults), whom they adopted as infants and have maintained an open adoption with their birthmother for over 20 years. Her children have the same birthmother, which is more common that one would think! This past year added to her realm of adoption experience, when her daughter gave birth to, and placed a baby for adoption. 

Guylaine was born and raised in California, and is the youngest of four siblings. She has always been the type of person to get involved and volunteer, from being a class officer in middle school and high school to serving on Boards of Directors for her children’s schools, her church, Resolve (an infertility and adoption educational organization) and other community organizations. When she is not working at her position as Southern California Branch Co-Director/Home Study Supervisor/Adoption Coordinator at the Independent Adoption Center (IAC) she enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, camping, playing golf,and dancing.

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