Tips for raising good teens

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Tips for raising good teens

The key to successfully raising teenagers today is to be involved in their lives and to be as close with them as you can. Some people say, "You shouldn't be friends with your kids, you're not their friend, you're their parent." Well you know, I am friends with kids, with all of them, in fact, I am probably bestfriends with them and I don't see anything wrong with it. We enjoy spending time together, we enjoy doing things together and we get closer. They understand I'm the parent, I understand they're the child, but there's nothing wrong with being close and being friends with your kids. We really strongly believe in family dinners. At home, even though the kids were involved in a million different activities, we made mandatory family dinner twice a week, with no cellphones. They fight with the no cellphones, you hear them vibrating under the table sometimes but we like to sit with them, eat with them, talk with them, look them in the eye, see how they're doing, what they're doing. We also encourage them to bring their friends to our house. By coming to the house with their friends and hanging out, whether it's watching sporting events or having a birthday party, we get to meet their friends. We get to see who they're associating with and how they interact, we learn a lot about them. Family vacations are one of the best ways that we kept our family close. We work with the kids to find out where they want to go, what times work for their schedules and ours, and then by going away, we spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week playing, eating relaxing, and it brought us all much closer. And still to this day, we really enjoy taking family vacations. It's really important that you raise your kids in such a way, for them to make good decisions when you're not around. The truth is, most of the time as parents, we're not around. They're at school, we're at work. They're doing things with their friends, we're doing the things in life that we have to do. If you have to worry about your child whenever you're not with them, you're going to have problems. If you raise them right, give them good instruction, be involved in their lives, they'll make good decisions even when you're not watching them, and that's the key. They need to think what you want them to do, they need to think what they should do even when you're there to tell them.

View Gary A. Dordick, Esq.'s video on Tips for raising good teens...


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