Should I visit my child at college?

Learn about: Should I visit my child at college? from Gary A. Dordick, Esq.,...
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Should I visit my child at college?

Here is a hot tip when you kids go away to college, when you want to visit them particularly when they go somewhere where it is cold weather like Minnesota, or Indiana. Don't. If you go to a college city where your kids are, what you find is, you sit in a hotel room calling and texting all day hopefully to have lunch with them and then they go off with their friends and go off and do all the things they have to do. The hot tip is when you want to see your child send them a plane ticket or as I said have them book a plane ticket and let them come home. You will spend time with them; you will pick them up at the airport. They will sleep at home. You will plan some meals and activities with the kids and you will have a lot better quality time and everybody would be much happier then getting frustrated sitting in a hotel room in a place you don't want to be. Wondering why you are not seeing your child.
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Learn about: Should I visit my child at college? from Gary A. Dordick, Esq.,...


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