Advice on talking to teens about drinking

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Advice on talking to teens about drinking

Alcohol's a huge issue today. You want to everything you can to prevent your kids completely from touching alcohol when they're young teens. 13, 14 and 15, 16. It's not going to lead to anywhere but serious problems. On the other hand, you a have to accept the reality that when your kids are 18-years-old and going off to college, drinking is a huge part of the college culture and you are not going to stop it, no matter what you try to say or do. I asked my kids to do an experiment. I told them to not drink at a college party when everyone else was drinking, and watch. Watch their friends turn to idiots. Watch them make bad decisions and use bad judgment. I asked them to look at the person who over drinks and see if they are really having any fun or if they're just making an idiot of themselves. Particularly with the boys. Teenage boys care about generally one thing - teenage girls. And I explained to them if they don't over drink, if they keep it, themselves, under control. They're smart, they're funny, they're in control, and those are the ones that are happy and having fun at a party and meeting the nice teenage girls they want to meet. If they over drink, they just make an ass out of themselves. And my kids have repeatedly told me that they've learned to not over drink because of what they've seen when their friends get too drunk. Also, when my kids are home from college, I drink with them. I let them drink at home. I see how they handle their alcohol. I see how they act when they've had a few drinks. And I learn form it, and they learn from it, and I think it's about educating kids, accepting the fact that they are going to drink in college.

See Gary A. Dordick, Esq.'s video on Advice on talking to teens about drinking...


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