How to help teens develop good judgment

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How to help teens develop good judgment

Good judgment comes with brain development. The difficulty is their brains aren’t really fully developed at this point. So, what you have to do is instead of hoping that it’s going to happen is continually remind them of the consequences. Even though you think it would make more sense than anything else that they would know, “Hey! If I jump from the wall, I might break my leg.” You better tell them. You might break your leg if you jump from the wall. It sounds silly but it really is the reality of it even when they drive and they do everything else, says they go to the lodge, you have to remind them because they look like adults, their brains are not fully developed and so they're definitely not an adult. So, be sure to kind of remind them of the consequences, not necessarily being a broken record but just reminding them. Not saying don’t do this, don’t do that because obviously when you say don’t jump from the wall, they're going to jump from the wall. However, if you say, “If you jump from that wall, you could very well shatter your leg and you can no longer play tomorrow” then they may very well think twice about jumping from the wall. So, I think the approach on how you look at judgment is really important and always giving them those consequences that are still going to happen.

Watch Rob Kodama's video on How to help teens develop good judgment...


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Rob Kodama

Director of Admissions & Marketing, Crespi Carmelite High School

Mr. Kodama has been a Certified Gurian Trainer since 2007. He is the Director of Admissions, Marketing, and Public Relations at Crespi Carmelite High School. He is also the head soccer coach and the Director of K-sports Soccer Camps. He has been involved in the educational field since 1991.  In his role as the Director of Admissions he has increased enrollment at Crespi Carmelite High School nearly 20% within his first five years. He has taught a revolutionary course called ”Becoming a Man” to seniors at Crespi Carmelite High School for the past eight years. In this innovative class, he challenges his students to look at what it truly means to become a man in our society. He explores what their roles are as sons, brothers, fathers, husbands, and mentors. He has presented this class at the Gurian Institute in Colorado Springs. He has served as the social studies department chair, and taught World Cultural Geography, US History, AP Macroeconomics, Micro Economics, and World History.

As a certified trainer and teacher, Mr. Kodama brings a wide variety of experience working with children, parents, students, and athletes. He has been training parents and schools about how boys and girls learn differently and how to help them succeed in school since 2007. He was recently the Keynote Speaker at Pierce College in Woodland Hills for the Early Childhood Development program. He has presented numerous times at The Gurian Summer Institute in Colorado Springs, and has worked with the following schools: Berkeley School, Crossroads Christian, Serra High School, Encino Presbyterian Children’s Center, St. Mel’s School, Kirk of the Valley School, Laurel Hall, Weekday Preschool, Young Oak Kim Academy, Our Lady of Malibu, Palma High School, and Army Navy Academy.

As a coach, he has worked with both boys and girls as young as four, through college. He has been running soccer camps, clinics, and coaching for over 20 years throughout the Los Angeles area. Many of his players have gone on to play at advanced levels of soccer.

He grew up in the San Fernando Valley. He is the youngest of five siblings, and is married and has a seven year-old son and six year-old daughter.

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