Why teens are rebellious and withdrawn

Watch Marushka Mujic's video on Why teens are rebellious and withdrawn...
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Why teens are rebellious and withdrawn

During adolescence, it's very normal among very different cultures and countries for children to withdraw from their parents. This is because, logically, they are going through a transition. They feel they need to withdraw from the set authority and regulation of the household in order to determine how they feel and think in the world as an individual. Though it may feel overwhelming and confusing at times that your child is suddenly distinguishing for themselves how they want to behave in the world, the best thing is to be open to their budding sense of individuality. Acknowledge that they are in a time of transition and you do want to support them becoming their own individual, but also gently remind them that they are not yet entirely adult. It is best for them to be able to have a relationship with a guardian that wants their success in the world.

Watch Marushka Mujic's video on Why teens are rebellious and withdrawn...


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Marushka Mujic

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Marushka Mujic is a creative artist, activist, social entrepreneur and global youth ambassador. After beginning secondary education at NYU, Marushka returned to her hometown of Los Angeles and founded the GoodMakers Street Team (youth division of parent nonprofit GoodMakers Films), empowering young artists, athletes and activists to facilitate local community initiatives, thereby inspiring global change. With a background in theatre, music and journalism, Marushka leads various creative initiatives worldwide, ranging from documentary films to arts festivals. Her multi-faceted work aims to focus modern media toward facilitation of global, intergenerational communication.

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