Easing the transition from childhood to adulthood

Watch Video: Easing the transition from childhood to adulthood by Shannon Crossbear, ...
Easing the transition from childhood to adulthood | Kids in the House
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Easing the transition from childhood to adulthood

It seems to be such a difficult thing when we think about teenage-hood in a Western construct and looking at it from a Western viewpoint. It's always about conflict; about teenagers moving away from parents and that's a very conflictual time. In my experience is that it doesn't have to be that way. You have to know that at that point in time, as your child is growing, they are becoming independent. It's their job to become independent and finding ways to be able to support that, and respect that, and step back from your role as the guide and protector to allow that young person to enter into their own life. We are very fortunate in that we do have ceremonies around that as well. It's a difficult thing to have to say, 'Okay, now my son or my daughter is really independent and needs to be independent,' but being able to do that in a natural and supportive way. Finding ways to get support for yourself as a parent as you change your role, is important, as well as being able to provide that kind of support for your young people.

Watch Video: Easing the transition from childhood to adulthood by Shannon Crossbear, ...


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Shannon Crossbear

Native American Elder

Shannon CrossBear is a beautiful, powerful, spiritual Ojibwe and Irish woman. Shannon is an enrolled member of Fort William First Nation of the Lake Superior Ojibwe, which is located in Ontario, Canada.  She has lived on the shores of Lake Superior for the majority of her life and currently resides within the boundaries of the United States in Hovland, Minnesota. Wabagoness, her given name in Ojibwemoin, is a daughter, sister, mother and grandmother. Shannon has been a story teller for an audience of relatives and friends for many years.  As a columnist for the Cook Country News Herald she wrote over 200 hundred article under the heading Mino- Biimadizawin (the good path/life).Her purpose is to demonstrate and promote gentle healing. She expresses her commitment to healing through her business Strongheart Resource Development. Conditions within Ms. CrossBear’s family of origin and community cement her commitment to improving conditions for children, their families and communities.

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