Potential signs that a child is using drugs

Learn about: Potential signs that a child is using drugs from Shannon Crossbear,...
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Potential signs that a child is using drugs

Sometimes it's really hard to determine what's going on with a young person, and I think sometimes when we're looking, we know that we are on a high alert when they're in their teenage years, right? So we're looking for things and we know that that's also the time that they might be intersecting with drugs and alcohol. I would say it's important for me - I started to note changes in behavior - things that normally would be of interest. Sometimes that is really hard to determine, because you are a young person and a teenager; you are starting to explore different ways of looking at things, different ways of acting, and different ways of being in the world, but if you start to notice that your child is really different than they have been up to this point in time. Maybe they are hanging out with different friends, or maybe they are spending a lot of time alone, more than you would think would be normal. Maybe you'll see - if they are a good student - that their grades start slipping. It really is what is the quality of their relationships and the quality of their life; if you start to see those things really shifting, then you might want to be exploring - that there might be an outside cause for that, such as drugs or alcohol.

Learn about: Potential signs that a child is using drugs from Shannon Crossbear,...


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Shannon Crossbear

Native American Elder

Shannon CrossBear is a beautiful, powerful, spiritual Ojibwe and Irish woman. Shannon is an enrolled member of Fort William First Nation of the Lake Superior Ojibwe, which is located in Ontario, Canada.  She has lived on the shores of Lake Superior for the majority of her life and currently resides within the boundaries of the United States in Hovland, Minnesota. Wabagoness, her given name in Ojibwemoin, is a daughter, sister, mother and grandmother. Shannon has been a story teller for an audience of relatives and friends for many years.  As a columnist for the Cook Country News Herald she wrote over 200 hundred article under the heading Mino- Biimadizawin (the good path/life).Her purpose is to demonstrate and promote gentle healing. She expresses her commitment to healing through her business Strongheart Resource Development. Conditions within Ms. CrossBear’s family of origin and community cement her commitment to improving conditions for children, their families and communities.

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